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Cheating Partners

Infidelity affects different people in different ways, but most consider it the most hurtful betrayal imaginable. If you are feeling anxiety or fear that your partner is unfaithful, then you deserve to have the questions answered.  Sometimes our investigations reveal that those fears are unfounded, and have just been brought about by strain in the relationship.  Confirmation that a partner is not cheating usually eases those fears, and often leads to a healthier approach to resolving your relationship challenges.

When those fears are confirmed, however, you need options. With video and photographic documentation, you can be in a position to make decisions about the future of your relationship. This evidence allows you to confront the cheating partner in hopes of correcting their behavior, or to ensure you have sufficient proof for any future legal proceeding. 

Child Welfare and Custody Issues

The messiest part of any dissolving relationship is child custody, and whether or not they are being properly cared for. One parent may be poorly-equipped to care for the kids, either financially, physically, or emotionally.  Perhaps one parent is making bad decisions that may affect the children.  If so, the other parent has a responsibility to protect the children.

Perhaps it’s not a case of a dissolved relationship; there are also abusive nannies, teachers, after-school caregivers, siblings, other playmates, or even adult family members that you may suspect of inappropriate behavior. 

Whatever the situation, we can help you protect your rights and property by providing investigation reports with covert surveillance video and photographs documenting questionable activity.  In the best case, we can provide peace of mind that the children are being well-loved and cared for.      

New Relationships/Due Dilligence

Let’s face it, in today’s society, it is difficult to know who you’re really dealing with.  Perhaps it's someone you are considering for a personal relationship, or maybe a person who seems like the ideal partner for a new business venture.  If you’re thinking about allowing someone access to your home, children, finances, or career, a good background check will help protect you and your loved ones, and provide peace of mind.  A simple criminal background check may be enough, but perhaps a full in-depth background investigation is necessary.  Either way, our investigators will discreetly find the skeletons in those closets.

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