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Missing cash?  Merchandise disappearing?  This simple, slow-drip crime scheme is usually only discovered after a business is on the verge of collapse, due to drained capital and inventory.  Maybe it’s an even worse scenario; perhaps your employees are ripping off customers with credit card skimmers, or stealing their personal information.  Smaller businesses may not have the resources for a robust security system, but even large businesses are vulnerable once the ins-and-outs of their security systems are known.


By far, the largest category for fraud is insurance; convenient crashes, fortuitous fires, odd injuries and profitable disabilities suck billions of dollars out of the insurance industry every year, raising rates for everyone and forcing insurance companies to look at every claim with suspicion.  This affects the relationship between insurance companies, who may be seen as unfairly questioning legitimate claims, and their clients, indistinguishable from the thieves. The only way to positively impact this situation is to catch as many thieves as possible, and make insurance fraud a poor gamble. We can help you deal with insurance fraud and give you the evidence to make sure those responsible pay for a change.

Fraud, however, covers a large laundry-list of schemes, from credit cards, non-profit fakes, auto-repair, you name it. The ingenuity of the criminal mind is impressive, and it is impossible for the average business owner to keep up with their constantly evolving tactics.


Whatever leverage another person may have over a business or business owner, using that leverage to extort money from them is a crime, just as is using one’s position within a company to illegally access and appropriate money, goods, or services. 

If you are a victim of these crimes, we can help you set the trap that will hold the criminal accountable.

We use all the standard tactics and techniques to catch these crooks, such as video and manned surveillance, records reviews, sting-operations and interviewing, but we also use a number of new-age methods, such as social media surveillance, GPS tracking, 3D modeling, and have even employed drones to capture covert video.

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